Altaarah "Fluffy"

Catfolk Ninja


14 year old female Cat-Person. 4’11", 93lbs.
Shoulder length gray hair with cat ears that poke out. Three hematite ear-rings on the left ear.
Fluffy gray cat tail.
Eyes are Amber with a slit pupil.
Don’t call me Fluffy.
Do NOT, under ANY circumstance, touch fluffy tail.


Hey there, I’m Altaarah, and this is my story. I was born into the ninja school of [Cat Island]. After years of rigorous training at this dojo, one is given more specific training based on traits you show during the first X years. Once you qualify, you must go out into the world and explore, getting stronger on your own terms and learning what you can about your new discipline. Having just been placed into the School of Shadows, I felt that the best place to start would be to investigate the disappearance of the God Emperor. On the way into Dallol, I discovered an outsider’s ship being attacked by some stupid human pirates. I knew I should help them out; three against seven just isn’t fair. They seemed pretty friendly too, but the tall guy with the dog was kind of a jerk after I helped deal with those pirates… and it isn’t even his ship! That elf lady seems nice though….

Altaarah "Fluffy"

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