Aluen Sun Rama

Half Elf, Bard


Plays music for days and gets into zero actual combat. Loves to lose his horse.



Born in the settlement of Dallol, on the continent of Sundol there he was abandoned by his parents for unknown reason and lived as an urchin on the streets of the city till one day while being beaten and pelted with rocks by other children, encountered a traveling bard known as Roche Sleiman-Rashid who scared off the other kids and took him as his apprentice. From there his life became one of travelling trough the few nomadic villages and settlements of Sundol playing for food and water with his Mentor till one day the settlement they were staying at was attacked by raiders from the mountain to the north, his mentor was slaughtered along with the majority of the villagers, except for select few like himself who were taken captive.

After being captured he was forced to work as a slave before narrowly escaping from his captors at the cost of a fellow escapee who was noticed and killed. He managed to steal a small boat and set sail for a new place to call home when a storm capsized his boat and threw him into the water. His last images were of a fading light above the dark waters of the open sea as he blacked out. He awoke to the sound of the waves lapping against the shore and the sun beating down on him and this is how he arrived on the wonderful continent of Arcadia and were his life truly begins.

Fiance: Maralynn

Love Interests:



  • Make Money
  • Get Horse Back
  • Go Back To Yemis

Aluen Sun Rama

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