Neylea Thernys

Half-Elf Ranger Druid


Diplomacy for days. Soon to be Verdant/Wolf Lord.

Shoulder length black hair, usually kept up and out of the way. Gray-Green eyes. 5’1", 127lbs. Pointed ears and prominent cheek bones. Slightly tanned skin from being out in the open for so long.

19 years of age. Born 26/4/938

Praises Ehlonna, Goddess of Forests, Woodlands, Flora, Fauna, and Fertility.

Will protect her forest to no end after spending so much time growing up there. She is more comfortable in the trees than surrounded by stone cities.


Neylea lived in a small village deep in Esetia forest. Her father was a hunter and her mother a village healer. She lived a peaceful life for many years. On the day of her seventh birthday, Neylea was playing in the forest and strayed too far from the village and couldn’t find the way back. By the time the night set she still hadn’t found it so she spent the night up in a tree to avoid the wild animals that wander the forest floor. At dawn she set off once again. It didn’t take long for her to find a familiar land mark and make her way back to the village but what she saw was not what was expected. Everything was in ruins. On the way to her house Neylea checked another building for villagers, but it proved pointless. Most of the inhabitants were gone and those that she found were dead. When she finally got to her house all that remained was a pile of charred wood and stone. Her parents were nowhere to be seen. Digging through the rubble she found her fathers hunting bow which she took and and fled into the forest where she lived for several years. Neylea had looked for her parents many times over the years but always hit a dead end. She was going to search for them one last time so she gathered what she needed and set out, but then she saw something strange, an Elf and a Half-Orc walking through the forest.

Currently training with the Druid Lady in Brightwood. Alice, the priest, and the baby are close by and doing well. I still have those Cupid Arrows too…

Neylea Thernys

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