Maria Moonshadow

Halfing Rouge Sorcerer


Braden: Short, Black hair worn in a small ponytail. Black eyes. Height: 2’ 9’’ (Small). Favorite weapon Dagger. At a quick glace seems kind and friendly… actually a slightly devilish pyromaniac.


From the early age of five years old, Maria and her sister, Eilella were abandoned by their parents and ended up living in an orphanage. They lived happily for a year in the orphanage until it burst into terrible green flames. The orphanage burnt down to the ground and the only ones who survived were Maria and Eilella. They were then transferred to another orphanage in a poor, crime ridden town. The owner of this orphanage kept his perverted intents hidden to the whole town, even though no-one in town would really care about this madman’s acts, until he went after Maria’s sister. Maria sensed that the owner had his eye on her sister, so she watched his every move. Only a couple days after they had arrived, Eilella was attacked by the owner. Maria found her sister’s dead body under the owner, so she grabbed a mail opener off of the desk in the room, and stabbed him in the neck. Maria buried her sister’s corpse in the back yard of the orphanage, then ran as far away as she could. She then used theft and manipulation to survive on her own. She stayed on her own until she was 12 years old when she tried to pickpocket a young woman and was caught. This woman revealed herself to be the leader of the underground organization of the thieves guild. She trained Maria to be both a good thief and how to “defend” herself. Over the next couple of years she did miscellaneous jobs for the thieves guild, including burglary, theft, and the occasional assassination. Maria had herself locked away in jail to kill her target, who she later realized was King Woodsoul. After she succeed in her assassination, she returned to the guild to find that it had been abandoned, and she found a note that said, “Leave town immediately, the thieves guild is no more”. So, now being the age of 18, she went on her way to live an adventurous life, and the rest of her story is yet to be.

Maria Moonshadow

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