Kobato (Leylis VI Felicity Sumeragi)

Human Loli Half-Vampire Monk


Kobato was born deep in brightwood forest. While her mother was pregnant she had been bitten by a vampire while walking through the woods. I was merely to feed so it had little effect on her but unbeknownst to her caused her daughter to be born as a half-vampire. For the next six years Kobato lived happily with her mother, father, and older sister #Alice. It happened slowly, Kobato started getting more and more violent. She would attack people seemingly at random. The village leader told her father that the attacks had to stop or they would be exiled from the village. He tried but seemingly nothing helped. He was able to arrange a compromise, he would send Kobato to a friend who was an abbot at a monastary far from the village. Despite her sister’s pleading Kobato was forced to leave.

After living at the monastary for eight years peopled from the nearby town of Emril started to go missing.It was around this time that Kobato started having nightmares. In these horrible dreams she would kill anyone she saw in the cruelest ways possible. One morning she woke up covered in blood. She didn’t know what to do so she ran to the Abbot for help. He helped her to calm down and said he had something that would solve her problem. He bent down to get something out from under his desk, but when Kobatosaw his bare neck something primal in her took over and she dashed for him. She drained his blood until he fell unconscious. Having no idea what else to do she ran. With nowhere else to go she returned to the village she used to live in.

She returned to her old house only to find that it had been abandoned for years. She managed to track down her father and from him learned that her mother had killed herself from grief a year after she left and that Alice had gone missing a month later. Kobato blamed her father for what had happened to her mother and sister and spent the next week slowly torturing him, keeping him alive for as long as possible in horrible pain. After she was done, Kobato left to find her sister clinging on to the hope that she was still alive.

Kobato (Leylis VI Felicity Sumeragi)

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