Human Rogue Fighter


Physical Descrption:

Short messy hair, of white colour.
Left eye red, right eye blue
169 pounds
A couple scars dot his chest and arms.
Medium build.
Wears a long over coat type thing with a hood that conceals his bandolier, tools, and weapons.
Considered attractive by most.
10/10 would bang.


Growing up in Arcadia with a family that left him and his family huskie “Scooby” home alone and never came back, the boy lived on his own from the ages ten and forward. Living on the streets and in poverty he of course got mixed up in the wrong type of people, bandits, criminals, etc. When this happened he was so young and impressionable that he did countless “Dares” to impress his new found criminal friends, thus giving him the nickname Dare. His criminal friends taught him how to fight, pick locks, get what you want, and do things to better yourself and no one else. At the age of fourteen he was basically a bandit, skillfully killing, sneaking, stealing, and lying his way in and out of situations with his loyal dog. He pillaged all the items he holds on himself now in one of his many exploits, he also eventually became the leader of one of these bandit clans, using his charisma, dashing good looks, and a couple slit throats. However at sixteen a job went wrong and he suffered a blow to the head by something he could not see, and when waking up a couple days later he noticed strange things, such as an unknown knowledge of abyssal, a lack of memory about his name that he possessed before Dare, a lack of memory of the couple days past, and a change of heart from banditry. Do not misunderstand, Dare still cares for his and his dogs well being only and will do anything to achieve it, but his days of roaming in a group of bandits is over. To remind himself of his days as a bandit he wears a ring around his left ring finger, constantly reminding him of the days he has moved past.

He also greats everyone in abyssal, I am not sure even if he knows why, I think he just likes it.

Current Activities: Wanders the world with his dog and takes jobs for rewards. #Fuckbitchesgetmoney


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