Half-Orc Barbarian


Left the Party to work at an orphanage in Yemis owned by Maralynn.


Bluddstik is good guy. He always just tryin to fit in, but nobudy seem to lik Bluddstik, ever since he were da litle kidsie. Dey alweys treet him diferunt and try avoid him, eksept wen dey want to use him for his strength. Bluddstik was abandend by pearants wen he were too yeer old. He were droped off at humansies orfanage and steyed dere until he were kiked out when he were sixteen for trying to make da crying beybee sleep. Bluddstik had no ware to go so he stey on street. Sumtimes humansies come by to giv Bluddstikk da foodsies and spare coin. Bluddstik had wun frend frum orfanage named Sudio hoo sumtime visit Bluddstik and giv him da foodsies. Wun dey, Bluddstik were walking along wen he see Sudio bein hitted by da bully frum da orfanage. Bluddstik remember bully from orfanage, he big meenie hoo pik on Bluddstik wen he in orfanage. Bluddstik help Sudio by putting da meenie bully to sleep but den da humansies getted mad at bluddstik for helping Sudio so he hav to go liv in da forest nearby. Bluddstik liv in small house he made out of da stick. He eat animals for foodsies and sumtime Sudio come to visit. Bluddstik twenty-three nows and he spent many yeer alone with fewer and fewer visit from Sudio.


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