Quest of Stains

Moonkin attack. Kobato ran into a spider web. They kill it, free a dwarf (who was roughed up a bit…) and receive a “bottle of breathing”. Fey attack Alice, she loses memories. Make it to Brightwood and find the church in hopes of having a priest cure Alice. Neylea and Maria find that the priest has gone to a large Vampire filled mansion in an attempt to rid his town of this new plague. Szzlx distracts a large group of the vampires in the house with his new “Blood for the Blood God” # Khorne religious journey. Neylea, Kobato and Maria sneak into a hidden side door that leads into a library. They sneak around; finding 9 Maid’s Outfits, 5900g in a safe in the wine cellar, a ring of sustenance, black vest of 4 lock picking/6 escape artist, crazy good lockpicks (in the vest pockets), a red and gold cape of mountebank, a ring of water-walking and a pair of gauntlets with +2 to ogre strength. Kobato stole the body of the Master of the House’s wife and the corpse of the Leader of the Vampires. She appeared to be 8 years of age.


Upcoming Maid Party?

To Brightwood!!

lol sick log brah

To Brightwood!!
sprkplg tyson_gautreau

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