Quest of Stains

Return to Arcadia

A Quest to Collect the Dragon Balls

The crypt, which turned out to be a winding labyrinth, was filled with ghouls, wights, wraiths and a really big gray thing that nearly killed Dare and Aiken. We secured the artifact, which was a glowing white orb. Very similar to the black one that Alice found when we first met…. Leaving the dungeon everybody seemed quite a bit stronger, all except for Maria. How odd. After another weeks worth of boat travel, we arrived in Neas then headed for Yemis. Upon arriving, we encountered that scam artist of a merchant and as it turns out, there are TWO of them! Aiken and Kuromori pooled some gold together to purchase the all powerful “Call of the Dingler,” Aiken alone purchased 5 Runestones of Answering then immediately used three (though with good cause). The growling one purchased an odd Cape that flaps as if there is always a breeze and I snagged 3 Cupid Arrows. While all this was happening, Kobato was getting drunk with some older men. With new found confidence, Aiken asked Maralynn to marry him. She said yes! Of course we have to have a maid themed bachelorette party so I cleaned all the stained ones, including and especially Kobato’s. No, I don’t care if she was drunk and that was all she was wearing at the time. It’s canon. After some resting we made our way back to Brightwood and Alice. The baby seems to be doing well but Alice could still freeze a red dragon’s breath. Will senpai ever notice me?


Senpai will never notice you

Return to Arcadia
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