Quest of Stains

Maiden Voyage of the S.S. Truckboat

A Quest to Collect the Dragon Balls

Arrived in Cillinas on the newly acquired SS Truckboat to find that Kuromori was to be executed but that was called off when his brother, who was the new king, “mysteriously” died. We then meet his younger sister and a strange man that growled at us. Aryll, Kuromori’s sister, apparently hired this growling man that calls himself " Dare " for whatever reason. He must think he’s really cool or something. The brand new Royal Highness’ Royal Adviser of Royal Highnesses advised us to collect some orbs that will supposedly allow us to send the terrible demons back to their own realm. The first of such artifacts is located in Atherton, Krytal. Under a massive cathedral in the center of town there stood an enormous enchanted door that could only be passed by solving a riddle, then four puzzles. After some struggle and/or instantaneous problem solving, we made our way back to the sealed door. Quite the foreboding set of steps lay before us. I certainly hope we will all make it out in one piece.


sprkplg tyson_gautreau

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